300MH/s Block Erupter USB’s for Sale – 2.6 BTC

You can now order the 300MH/s Block Erupter USB from http://satoshimine.com/ for 2.6 BTC each.

These units are currently only being sold in bulk order, but MineForeman is coordinating for people to buy individual units from him so that he can purchase one of the bulk orders.  There are always risks with this kind of purchase, but MineForeman is a relatively well-known and respected presence in the Bitcoin community.

If you want to purchase yours, check out all the information at https://satoshimine.com

From the Bitcointalk.org Block Erupter USB Announcement:

The Block Erupter USB series is the second major product of Bitfountain. Its experimental batch (Emerald) has passed all tests. Each one mines at more than 300MH/s, powered only by the USB port.

It serves as a replacement of GPUs for mining hobbyists. Your GPUs could be freed from calculating hashes and resume rendering for you. It is also a perfect gift for getting people knowing about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining.


Getting Started with Bitcoin Mining on a Mac

The following should be a sufficient guide for getting you started with Bitcoin mining on a Mac.

Download and install the Bitcoin-QT client.  http://bitcoin.org/en/download

Click on “Receive coins,” generate a new address, and label it “Bitparking.”

Choose a mining pool.  Your chances of generating a block of Bitcoin are extremely small at this point, so you can mine with “pools” and earn fractions of Bitcoin consistently.  There are lots of options that you can check out here – https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Comparison_of_mining_pools – but I recommend going to http://mmpool.bitparking.com and registering there.  It’s very simple (although less feature-rich than some other options) but its main advantage is “merged mining” of three other cryptocurrencies.  This means that at the exact same time as you mine Bitcoin, you can also mine Namecoin (NMC), Ixcoin (IXC), and Devcoin (DVC) without sacrificing any of the computing power.

Click “register,” choose your User ID, and fill in receiving addresses for each currency.  Go back to Bitcoin-QT, click “Copy address” on the address that is labeled “Bitparking.”  Paste that address into the BTC line.  If you have addresses to receive the other currencies, paste those in as well.  You will not be able to go back and edit these, so don’t hit “Submit” until you have entered your User ID and all four receiving addresses.

Currently it is not very simple to use the clients for these other cryptocurrencies (IMHO) for the Mac.  Instead, you can make an account at Vircurex (full disclosure: this is my referral link) and generate receiving addresses for these other currencies there.  At current rates, trading these other cryptocurrencies for BTC can generate an extra 8% of income.

If you are not interested in mining these other cryptocurrencies, please consider using my receiving addresses:

DVC – 15hWTsUk7qmdxmTrDPcPhAbYbTayc3SjEe

IXC – xoXe9RJ5trshZxTGkuN9HRPfUzCD7rr4hp

NMC – N2Vi4TssMXoa3szhXkauxh9wPmb8o8GF1R

Download DiabloMiner – https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/DiabloMiner

Unzip the file and put the folder where you want it.  I chose “Documents.”

Make sure you have Java installed.  Even if you do, it’s a probably good idea to update.  http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp

Open Terminal.  Type “cd” and then drag the folder that contains DiabloMiner into the Terminal window.  That will create a path that will look like this: /Users/YourUserName/Documents/DiabloMiner/.  Hit enter and you will “change directory” into the DiabloMiner folder.

Type this and hit enter: ./DiabloMiner-OSX.sh

This will run the shell script that starts DiabloMiner in Terminal.  You will be prompted to input your pool URL, port number, username, and password.  You can use any password if you signed up at the recommended bitparking site.  The URL is http://mmpool.bitparking.com and the port is 15098.  If you signed up at another mining pool, you’ll have to find the URL and port at that site.cd

Once you enter those, your miner should be running and it will show you your hashrate.

If you are having trouble…

I have noticed an error sometimes if you don’t change your “worksize” to 64, which can be done by running DiabloMiner from the command line with “-w 64″.  Copy the text below making sure to change anything italicized to match your own computer and mining pool account.

/bin/sh /Users/YourMacUsername/Documents/DiabloMiner/DiabloMiner-OSX.sh –url http://yourusername:yourpassword@mmpool.bitparking.com:15098/ -w 64

Just paste this whole thing into a new Terminal window and hit enter and your miner will begin.

Note that if your folder is somewhere other than the “Documents” you will need to make a different path.  You will also need to change the pool and port if you signed up with a different pool.  Make sure you add “-w 64″ to the end of the line.

Yeehaw!  Now you’re Bitcoin mining.  Welcome to the future.

Please leave any questions in the comments section and I will do my best to troubleshoot with you.


If this guide helps you get started, please consider a small donation. :)

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